Ashton Irwin

My name is Katie.

Niall is my hero, my sunshine, my world, my lifesaver, my everything.

I met 5SOS on the 13th February 2014.

The Fault In Our Stars.

Okay? Okay.

February 20th ‘13

February 20th ‘13


David and Victoria Beckham.


@Michael5SOS: Pierce the brow?


@Michael5SOS: Pierce the brow?

how many red bulls did michael drink before this interview


I feel like Harry has an album entitled “Niall” on his phone, just because he seems to take lots of pictures of Niall. He probably has another album entitled “Niall pictures to post” or something, so he remembers to post it to Instagram/Twitter.

Narry Masterpost #14 - Hugs


Well, this is definitely long overdue, but I’ve decided once again that it was most definitely time for another narry masterpost. And what are we gonna focus on today?


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07.06.12 - Turin, Italy